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European bass

The Bass is an unmistakeable fish there really is no other saltwater  fish like it. The grey mullet is similar with its spined dorsal fin and similar scale pattern, but it is there that the likeness ends

The bass is a strikingly handsome fish, with its pointed head and streamlined  muscular body, it is well equipped to fulfill its role as a predator.

It is able to swim at high speeds over short distances, this is why it is such a hard fighting fish when hooked.

The mature bass will range in weight from 1lb and can reach upwards of 20lb.

The Bass is well established around the UK coastline, although in lesser numbers towards the North of the country.

The main bass fishing times are between April and September, they can be caught all year around but the numbers increase during this main bass fishing period.

During summer bass will congregate in estuaries and will even move well up the river into more brackish waters.

Many of these Bass fishing marks are well kept secrets of local anglers.

Poppers are lures which attract feeding bass

Entice bass with a floating lure

Bass are a long living and slow growing fish, also with them being very popular as a table fish; they are very susceptible to overfishing.

There are many methods of catching bass; because of their predatory nature, spinning with artificial lures is one of the most exciting ways to hook a bass. A modern method is to use one of the popper lures, which is a floating lure, which causes a disturbance on the water’s surface, this attracts the bass, and the takes can be vicious.

Use lures that imitate other small species of fish for the greatest success.

The bass feeds naturally on smaller shoal fish such as sprats and sand eels, but they will also feed upon

worms, squid, crabs prawns and any other small fish.

Sand Eels also make good bass bait, but try to keep the bait moving.

Other baits will work as well, as the bass searches for food if it sees your lugworm or rag worm it will take it.

Float fishing off the rocks is a great way to catch bass, one of the most successful baits for this style of fishing is peeler crab, and it gives off a scent which will attract the bass to your bait.

Bass fishing is one of the most exciting forms of sea fishing.

When hooked a bass will fight harder than any other fish of its size.

Fishing after a storm often provides the best fishing, as this is when the bass will be looking for any food which has been disturbed by the storm.

Boat anglers tend to find the larger bass , gulls can mark the feeding bass as they will be preying on the same food supply as the bass.

Some of the uk’s best bass fishing marks include the Welsh Coastline, the South Coast of England and the Southern Coast of Ireland.

To start bass fishing depending on which method you choose you will need either a fairly heavy spinning rod or a bass rod. Bass rods are usually about 12 feet long, and whilst being capable of casting a 4oz lead into the surf, it should still be light enough to hold for long periods of time. If you are a coarse fisherman then a heavy carp rod will suffice.

Either a fixed spool reel or a multiplier, if you intend to use lures then I would go with the fixed spool. You don’t need to cast to the horizon to catch a bass, they are in the surf and if you wade out a little they will be around your feet.

Bass Fishing at Sunset from the beach

Bass Fishing at Sunset

Fly fishing for bass

This is the latest craze, to fly fish in the sea for bass and other species. I would recommend a heavy duty fly rod for this

Bass breeding

Bass spawn relatively close to the shore during May and June. The females take a long time  while to lay their floating eggs, these eggs will hatch after a few days. This is when the bass fry will move into the shelter provided by estuaries where they will remain for some years before venturing further out into the ocean.

Bass breeding is somewhat unpredictable around British waters due to cool and unsettled summers.


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